Revolutions in Movement: How Senegalese Women Redefine "Negritude" through Dance

Megan will be presenting research in the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent College's conference "Africa is the Future."

This presentation explores Senegalese female dancing bodies as a form of resistance against the limited societal roles allotted to women in the ideology of négritude. Frances S. Hasso and Zakia Salime‘s Freedom without Permission: Bodies and Space in the Arab Revolutions (2016) states that social hierarchies “are embodied, inscribed in a variety of spaces, and not easily overcome by mass protest.” Using this theory as an analytical framework, Megan argues that the creation of spaces for female dancing bodies in Senegal shifts the role of women from object to subject in a way that traditional protests cannot. This presentation is part of a larger research project that she is conducting as a culminating senior project for her French & Francophone Studies major at Muhlenberg College.

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