We Just Heckin' Did It!

**Photography by Stephanie Leathers courtesy of Tobacco Road Dance Productions**

On April 13 and 14, 2018 I had the joy of performing the light-hearted, playful "Just Heckin' Do It" by Johanna Berliner as part of Tobacco Road Dance Productions In Concert 2017-2018 Season. This performance served as my first formal experience dancing in the Durham community and I am excited to continue creating and dancing along so many unique and creative artists! Whether you were looking for laughs in Allie Pfeffer's and Alyssa Noble's "And We're Back"or admiring the specificity and stage presence of Kristin Clotfelter's "Verses", there was a work to appeal to every palate. I'm inspired by the ranging emotions and moves and looking forward to making more of my own in this new community!

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