Meeping Peeps in Richmond!

Photography: Dave Parrish courtesy of Dogtown Dance Theatre

What a weekend! We meeped and peeped at the 5th Annual Richmond Dance Festival, were inspired by beautiful films and movement, and received our first review! I am so thankful for the quirky dancers who joined me on this adventure, the support we received from family and friends in making this trip possible, and to Dogtown Dance Theatre for creating such a positive space for artists to share work! I was amazed by the innovation and movement of Turning Key Dance, Luisa Innisfree Martinez, and Subrosa Dance Collective. Be sure to check them out if you are ever in Boston, New York, or Portland!

Excerpt from: Richmond Dance Festival 2018: Week Three - From Trilogies to Meeping Peeps by Juliana D. Lewis

"Megan Ross (Durham, NC) closed the program with the highly satisfying and very amusing To Meep Like a Peep. You can look for meaning if you want (a video game, colorful marshmallow peeps, slang for “people,” the sound the cartoon character Road Runner made, and more) but that’s totally unnecessary. Meep Like a Peep is a colorful dance full of wiggles and jumps, shakes and balances, and side-long looks at the audience. Set to percussion by Dj Plie, the dance is pure fun freed from restrictions of technique and style. One moment the dancers seem to mimic dogs chasing their tails, the next a marching band. Movements originate from unexpected places – a hip, a knee, a hand attached to the head like a unicorn’s horn. Audience members could not help but giggle and guffaw out loud; what a great way to end the evening."

You can find the full review here!

I am excited to begin creating NEW work so stay tuned for upcoming collaborations and performances!

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