BodyStories at The Ross School!

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It was wonderful to kick off Summer Dance at Ross last week. What an uplifting, vibrant, and supportive community.

During Tuesday’s morning meeting Teresa and I led ALL of the campers and counselors in a “flashmob” style dance to Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Finesse” to wake everyone up. It was amazing to see how moving together created smiles and a sense of community that followed the campers as they dispersed to their majors. We are hoping to implement a morning meeting flashmob at least once per week for the rest of the summer!

Early in the week we led an audition for students attending our BodyStories Dance Summer Intensive at Ross. I led ballet barre and contemporary jazz across the floor. Teresa led modern combinations in center and the composition exercise featured in the video below! We

taught a hip hop combination together too. Great work by these dedicated dancers!

I also had the opportunity to share movement with the gymnastics, soccer, and basketball majors. For gymnastics, we included cartwheels and leaps in a jazzy dance to Rupaul’s “Cover Girl”. The campers enjoyed showing off their tricks and flexibility while also challenging their musicality.

In the spirit of the World Cup, the soccer team learned a dance set to K’NAAN’s “Wavin’ Flag” from the 2010 World Cup.

For basketball, the instructor told me that the kids love Blockboy JB and Drake’s moves in “Look Alive” so we created a hip hop dance featuring the signature fist pump and one legged hop. It was fun to watch campers who are so physical all day channel that physicality in a new way and realize that they enjoy dancing!

This week served as a reminder that dance can happen in any place and with anyone. I danced on soccer fields, gym floors, and gymnastics mats in addition to the dance studio. I heard sports coaches reminding their players of the importance of trying new things and moving their bodies in new ways. I saw advanced dancers, athletes, and creative movers find joy in the chance to express themselves through movement. This week BodyStories built community across majors at The Ross School!

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