2020: New Year, New Dance!

Happy New Year! 2019 was filled with inspiring performances, building collaborations, and dancing in new spaces. The goals for 2020 include making NEW moves and producing (speak it into existence) NEW work. Stay tuned for more *official* updates and don't forget to follow IG @mgnross for the process!

Fall Recap:

"To Meep Like a Peep" NCDF 2019 Van Dyke Performance Space Greensboro, NC

Photography: Mohan Rao Dancers: Kaleigh Gabriel, Madeline Braxton Costumes: Emilie Raleigh

I am so thankful to the team at Dance Project for the opportunity to share my Meeps and Peeps with North Carolina for the first time. It was an honor to be included in programs alongside so many amazing choreographers and connect with a new community of artists. Thank you to my fierce cast of dancers for spending your Sunday afternoons and multiple weekends with me. This piece has been with me for several years now, through 4 cast changes and 5 venues, and it was amazing to realize the newest version of the dance party with all of you!

"Continuing to Tell" Choreography: KT Collective Dance Company

inspired by the Durham Civil Rights Mural commissioned by Myra Weisse of Proximedia

Kristin Taylor Duncan, director of the KT Collective, created a beautiful tribute to the Durham Civil Rights Mural in collaboration with cellist and vocalist, Shana Tucker, and Myra Weisse of Proximedia. The evening included live music, chalk drawing, and of course dance. Since this first rendition KTC has performed a version of "Continuing to Tell" as part of the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's Kwanzaa Celebration and will perform a third reimagining at Walltown on Feb. 22 in a program organized by KTC's own Darian.

Photography: Zoe Litaker Photography at Bennett Place for Zoe's book "Durham Dances"

In case you missed it, Zoe Litaker made a book! I was lucky enough to be included in "Durham Dances" alongside so many of the Durham artists I admire and look up to. Thank you Zoe, for the amazing photos and congratulations on publishing your first book! You can find more shots from our photoshoot as well as information about Durham Dances and Zoe Litaker Photography here.

Here's to another decade of dance!

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